What is #AtTheTable? #AttheTable is an ongoing initiative focused on bringing together women founders from different industries to build community, strength and resources. Read more HERE.

What type of founder can apply? Women founders of bootstrapped to Series A companies are welcome to apply. Apply HERE!

What can I expect at #AtTheTable? Each founder invited will have fully sponsored seat to a fabulous catered dinner and enjoy the company and support of 11 other founders.

How does the application work? The application lists some of our upcoming #AtTheTable dinner events. We’ll ask that you identify which events work for your schedule (as far as you know). Each month, we’ll curate a group of amazing women together in order to maximize discussion and potential collaboration.

When are the next events? #AtTheTable will run on the third Thursday of every month.

How do I find out if I’ve been selected to dine #AtTheTable? We will send invitations between 1–2 weeks before each#AtTheTable event.

How long will the application really take? Our goal was to keep it simple so it should take 5–10 minutes max. We use this application to curate the groups of founders we bring together.

We hope you join us for dinner, conversation and great connection with very very minimal programming. If you have any questions feel free to connect with either Beth Santos or Rica Elysee on Twitter with the hashtag #Atthetable.