iFundWomen x WE BOS: Crowdfunding 101 Boot Camp

iFundWomen is excited to participate in WE BOSWeek 2018, hosting their Crowdfunding Boot Camp for entrepreneurs in the Boston-area.

A successful crowdfunding campaign not only gives you the cash to move your business forward, it also gives you the confidence to get to the next level in your funding journey.


Crowdfunding is a low-risk, and efficient way to:

  1. Raise cash to launch or grow your business, non-profit, or passion project
  2. Market your brand
  3. Grow and engage your customer base
Join the iFundWomen Coaching Staff for this crowdfunding deep-dive, where you will learn:
  1. What exactly rewards-based crowdfunding is
  2. If you and your product or service are right for crowdfunding
  3. How to plan a successful campaign

This event is part of Women Entrepreneurs Boston (WE BOS) Week, a full week of FREE educational programming, mentoring opportunities, and curated networking events designed to advance Boston’s women entrepreneurs.