Simmons School of Management

300 Fenway
Boston, MA 02115

Here’s the good news: Boston was recently ranked as the second-best city in the world for women entrepreneurs. (Chicago got the top spot by less than a percentage point.) But after a company is launched, the news becomes mixed. When it comes to high-growth startup lists – later stage companies experiencing rapid growth and investment – Boston doesn’t even rank in the top 10. What happens for women entrepreneurs between early stage and growth stage companies that supports or inhibits success? How do we create a community that helps high-growth, female-led companies thrive in Boston? How do we make the business case that this is important for everyone?
Join Samaya Consulting, LLC for a Carefully Curated Conversation™ that will help identify key areas for practical support and city-wide collaboration. This is an invitation-only event in partnership with the City of Boston for Women’s Entrepreneurship Week and supported by The Simmons College School of Management Entrepreneurship Program, The Refinery and The List. Invitees are a group of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, researchers, and media.
If you wish to participate in the Think Tank please send an email to Samaya Consulting at the RSVP link below.