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Sales issues present a host of challenges for startups. How to get beyond your first 10 customers? Who to hire? How to manage a CRM? Join us as we try to address these and other sales challenges facing startups that sell to other businesses.

Our panel of experts includes:

  • Phil Wilkins, VP Sales at Videonor (Moderator): Phil is a prove sales leader, passionate about building teams, processes, and culture while working with companies to create sustainable growth and long-term value. He has more than 10 years of experience with international enterprise sales and business corporate develelopment for SaaS companies ranging from F500 to early startups.
  • Ali Powell, Principal Sales Rep at HubSpot: Ali has worked in software sales for nearly 6 years. She joined HubSpot when they were a startup and has grown with the company. She helps mid-sized businesses understand how marketing software and inbound marketing will help them grow. She covers Silicon Valley at HubSpot. She also cares deeply about the profession of sales and exposing more women to the world of sales. You can check out her blog here. She has also started a Slack channel for women who work in sales.
  • Doris Shu, Sales Exec at Crowdly: Doris is responsible for conquering the digital/social marketing landscape, one brand at a time. She is passionate about tech sales – bringing hustle to the day-to-day and making connections inside and outside of the office. Prior to Crowdly, Doris was at Nasdaq managing strategic PR and Media Intelligence client relationships. Previous to that, she was an associate at Thomson Reuters within the multimedia communications division.
  • Pam Hoffman, Founder at Hoffman Channel Sales: Pam helps businesses establish successful channel partner programs that expand their market reach and increase sales. Drawing on over 20 years of experience managing business development, creating strategic partnerships, and developing sales and distribution channels in the US, Western Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Israel, she focuses on crafting comprehensive strategies, designing effective business models and building collaborative relationships for long-term business.


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