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2300 Washington Street
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BREAD presents Startup Classroom featuring Melissa Kimble Creator + Founder of #blkcreatives

There are three reasons in particular why Melissa has a strong love and passion for social media: it cannot be controlled, it gives a voice to the voiceless, and it has the ability to create transformative experiences for all those involved. In recent years, social media has not only changed how we consume and dissect information, it has also raised the awareness of every industry and it’s consumers. It has also put the power in our hands to express ourselves in ways that are true to who we really are as brands, as businesses, and most importantly, as people. She teaches mission driven Creatives and brands how to leverage their stories online for offline success. 

Melissa hasworked with small businesses, major brands such as McDonald’s and the NFL, mission driven startups, entrepreneurs, and Creatives to share their brands through social media campaigns and consultations, handling social media for live events, brand ambassador and influencer programs and more. She currently serves as the Senior Social Media Manager for EBONY Magazine.

Her ultimate objective is to use social media as a tool to bring service to the forefront of our brands and businesses through education and empowerment.

The theme of Melissa’s talk is “First Generation Dreamers”. She will be talking about the realities of making a living as a #blkcreative.

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